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All Star Charts has always produced top notch Technical Research led by founder JC Parets and his team of analysts. The Institutional level coverage has been crafted based on feedback from our buy-side clients.

Our Institutional Offering is designed to keep your team ahead of the continuing changes to the research landscape.  We understand that technical analysis plays an important role in the markets especially as fundamental research takes on a lesser role with the advent of Systematic/Quantative/AI.

Price is truth.  Plug our team into your process.  Hire our team as an extension of your desk for all your technical analysis needs. 

Jon Bloom's Podcast with JC

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Meet the All Star Team

Frequently Asked Questions

Jonathan Bloom

Head Of Institutional Sales


JC Parets, CMT

Founder And Chief Strategist


Sean McLaughlin

Chief Options Strategist


Tom Bruni, CMT

Technical Analyst


Steve Strazza

Technical Analyst


What does All Star Charts Offer?

We provide top-notch macroeconomic technical research by analyzing currencies, commodities, interest rates and equity indices from all around the globe. We provide unparalleled cross asset and intermarket analysis by identifying trends in key ratios to provide insight and reinforce our opinions. We also offer a unique and wide-ranging approach to breadth analysis as well as tactical options strategies that can be executed to capitalize on our best ideas.

Who is J.C. Parets?

Renowned technician, J.C. Parets began blogging about technical analysis in 2008. After a few short years, what began as any other finance blog had evolved into a leading professional research platform when Parets founded All Star Charts Research in 2014 to provide technical analysis commentary across all asset classes to investors around the world. In the years since, All Star Charts has also launched an educational series, a weekly radio show, an options platform and a research platform dedicated solely to India, one of the world’s fastest growing economies. Along the way, Parets’ work has been featured regularly on Bloomberg, ABC, Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Fox Business, Yahoo Finance, Barron’s, CNN and Canada’s Business News Network, among other media outlets.

Who is on the All Star Charts Team?

As the company has grown, industry experts such as Sean McLaughlin, with over 20 years of experience trading options, and Tom Bruni (Passed CMT Level 3 - in process), have joined the team to help provide some of the highest quality and most comprehensive technical research on the street. 

When was the offering launched?

We quietly launched in October '18. We've spent that time working with existing and prospective clients to ensure we are delivering a compelling offering at the correct price points. We are now ready to work with more clients.

What is Unique about the All Star Charts Approach?

All Star Charts uses a weight of the evidence approach to provide a top-down view of US and Global Equities at the index, sector and individual stock level, as well as for all other major asset classes, including commodities, currencies and fixed income. We dive into these asset classes by evaluating trends on both an absolute and relative basis. We provide technical outlooks for each asset class across all timeframes, from short to long-term, and identify both tactical and structural trends for our clientele.

After establishing a bullish, neutral, or bearish bias for each class of assets, we drill down and provide our viewpoints on individual stocks, commodities, credit instruments and currency pairs. This allows us to identify the strongest trends on both the long and short side and provide trading ideas and analysis for investors of all types. We strive to identify reward/risk opportunities of 5:1 or higher and leverage our primary focus on risk management to provide our clients with levels of interest to ensure we know exactly where we’re wrong before entering a trade.

Our research provides clients with opportunities to profit over all time frames. We pride ourselves on not being dogmatic in our approach as we are quick and agile in changing our views as new data presents itself and the weight of the evidence shifts over time.

Global Macro - Risk Management - Trade Ideas - Research - Custom Client Analysis - Outsourced Analysts


  • 100% Technical Analysis Only Content
  • Top Down – Macro Process
  • Key Risk Management Updates
  • Cross Asset Trade Ideas
  • Global Trade Ideas
  • Covers all Asset Classes
  • All content based solely on our unbiased Technical Analysis work
  • Both packages are firm-wide solutions meant for up to 20 users
  • Both packages include all Research, Unique Content and Global Multi-Asset Trade Ideas
  • Fully outsources technical analysis needs for both new trade ideas and risk management 
  • No increase in headcount required internally
  • “Weight of the Evidence Approach” constantly updates with new data
  • Timely Risk Management Notes
  • New research built to provide key tactical updates for shorter-time frame trading opportunities

Professional & Outsourced Similarities


  • Asset Class Report (Weekly)
  • Mid-Week Technical Take (Weekly)
  • Short Term Momentum Report (Weekly)
  • Equity Factors & ESG Analysis (Monthly)
  • Fixed Income ETF Update (Monthly)
  • International ETF Update (Monthly)
  • US Domestic ETF Update (Monthly)
  • Chart book (1k All Asset Classes) Included
  • Trade Ideas / Risk Management Included


  • Trade Installs
  • Hedging
  • Stock & ETF replacement o Strategy Guidance & Implementation


  • Dedicated Analyst time
  • Weekly & Monthly 1x1s with our team of analysts (4)
  • Client specific project work o Custom Breadth Analysis
  • Platform data share Charts Quant Models


  • Fundamental vs. TA trade reviews
  • Sector Deep Dives
  • Factor Deep Dives
  • Portfolio Scrubbing
  • Quant Overlays
  • Additional client specific process work


$2,375 / Monthly

  • Content Only Package
  • Includes Institutional, Premium and Options content
  • Monthly Macro Conference Calls
  • Stock, ETF and Options Trade Ideas
  • Macro Trade Ideas (Non-Equities)
  • Plus One - Trade Ideas 
More Information


  • Services and Content TA Package
  • Dedicated Weekly and Monthly Analyst Time Included
  • Options Coverage/Concierge Included
  • Open access to all ASC data & models

$5,000 / Monthly

More Information

Research Package Comparison

  • Mid-Week Top Ten Report  (Weekly)
  • Short Term Momentum Report (Weekly)
  • Equity Factors & Thematic Update (Monthly)
  • Fixed Income ETF Update (Monthly)
  • International ETF Update (Monthly)
  • US Domestic ETF Update (Monthly)
  • Chart book (1k All Asset Classes) Included
  • Trade Ideas / Risk Management Included
  • Dedicated Analyst time
  • Weekly & Monthly 1x1s with our team of analysts (4)
  • Client specific project work
  • Custom Breadth Analysis
  • Trade Installs
  • Hedging
  • Stock replacement
  • Strategy Guidance & Implementation
  • Fundamental  vs. TA trade reviews
  • Sector Deep Dives
  • Factor Deep Dives
  • Portfolio Scrubbing
  • Quant Overlays
  • Additional client specific process work

Best Independent Research House For Fixed Income

Technical Analyst of the Year

Client Alpha: We generated +12% Q2 '19 from our "Plus One" trade ideas

Ala-carte Plans

Published Research

$2,375 / Monthly

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We definitely enjoy having the momentum report at our fingertips! Whenever we get a trade idea, we always run it through the momentum report to ensure the move fully makes sense at the current price and trend.

All Star Charts has always provided us with great insight into various areas of the market. JC’s opinions are extremely valuable and All Star Charts has been a huge part of our investment making process for the past few years.

Zach - Medium size RIA

JC looks at the markets in a different way than I do. He lives and breathes what I call ‘Chart Art’ and relative pricing. Most importantly though he makes me money.

Howard Lindzon – Venture Capitalist and Founder of Stocktwits 

Top Ten Charts - Our weekly analyst “Thought Piece” comes out each wed.  We list the most important charts impacting/affecting your portfolios.  Whats great about this report is that our analysts post and describe the most important developments mid-week.  We are always focused on the 5 day trading week to eliminate as much short-term noise as possible.  This is a pure Macro report - not held by any asset class restrictions.  We have other CMT’s signing up for this. Its also a great conversation/idea generator.

Short Term Momentum Report - This is our weekly risk management report. The files come out on Sundays.  We compare the last 2 trading weeks for important ranges, reversals while comparing the price-action to the medium and long term.  On Mondays our analysts produce the Key Takeaways.  Its an incredible summary of the price-action. You can load the excel file into your risk software.  We have clients that check new ideas vs. related instruments for trend analysis.  This Report gives your team a pro-active start helping crystallize buy/sell decisions for the new week before prices move, as they do. This report does not have any charts..all about the numbers in a quant table setup.

Macro, International, US Sectors & Industry, Dow Names and Widely held Hedge fund names are all covered in both the risk files and the Key Takeaways analysis.

Plus One Trade Ideas -  We recognize the importance of generating Alpha for clients. We’re proud that our Plus One’s generated 12% in Q2 ‘19.  While some of our plus ones are risk updates or pointing out sectors/stocks/etfs to put on the radar.  The majority are actionable trade ideas in single names, etfs or futures.  While all of our weekly notes are timely and tactical, our plus ones are actionable once sent.  If you are looking for smart trades, that line-up technically with excellent risk/reward, then this is it.

Analyst Time

$2,375 / Monthly

Book Time

5 Hour blocks discounted -20%

All Star Charts offers custom Technical Analysis solutions on a firm by firm basis. Interested in learning more about how we can help your team navigate the markets? Drop us a line below and we'll get in touch shortly.  

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